new chassis

Most Big Healeys are over fifty years old now.

The chassis box sections rust from the inside and gradually get thinner. The resulting weakness causes poor panel fit and those common Healey shakes and rattles. Many have accident damage.

These new chassis are made from slightly thicker steel than the originals. Built on a purpose built jig, to the highest standard and with strict attention to detail. The front shocker mountings are stronger and we can fit adjustable mountings. You choose the camber!

We can also build to competition spec. With strengthened engine, wishbone and rear shocker mountings.

Available for BN1 to BN2, BN4-BJ8 and the late BJ8 with dropped rear chassis.

We prices are:-

  • 100/4 chassis £3,500
  • 100/6 and 3000's up to early BJ8 £4,200
  • Late BJ8 with dropped chassis £4,200

All prices exclude VAT and shipping. We can quote for delivery in UK, Europe and world wide.

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